Textile Parafine

Wax for winder

The wax is white or yellow in color, its use is universal for all types of organic or synthetic yarn: cotton, wool, alpaca, synthetic threads) cotton/synthetic threads, also at high ambient temperatures (around 30 ). Dissolves when washing.


The purpose of a rectilinear or circular knitting machine is to form meshes from the yarn using needle systems that take the yarn and transform it into loops or meshes; and for each pass a line of meshes or loops is formed.


The main problem with knitting is that when these threads pass through the needles, they break, stretch or accumulate fibers; in such a way that fabric defects are generated in the panels, in addition to hindering the systems of rectilinear or circular machines.


When this happens, defects are caused in the fabric and panels that cannot be fixed are often altered or damaged, in addition to the systems of the weaving machines deteriorating. For example; Needles break, sensors are damaged, the fabric or drum is damaged, among others.


To solve, the thread used in rectilinear or circular machines must go through the encoating process, using PARAFFIN to lubricate and give softness to the thread, improve quality and obtain a good effect in the finish.

Textile Parafine

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Parafina textil


Anillos de cera (parafina) para enconado de hilo

Color blanco y amarillo su uso es universal para todo tipo de hilo orgánico o sintético: algodón, lana, alpaca, hilos sintéticos)  hilos de algodón/sintéticos, también con temperaturas ambiente elevadas (alrededor de 30 ℃). Se disuelve al lavar.